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My commitment as your representative is to champion the well-being of all Texans, addressing our state's most pressing challenges with decisive leadership. I am dedicated to shaping a sustainable and prosperous future, ensuring Texas's growth and resilience for generations to come.



Alex Cornwallis earned a bachelor's degree in computer science from Augsburg University and a master's degree in Software Systems from St. Thomas University in Minneapolis, MN.

He was a leader in the AIML team at a major multinational technology corporation, focusing on cloud computing.

Alex is a successful entrepreneur, founding multiple technology companies, including one in robotics. He is also an independent contractor specializing in custom home construction.


Alex's History

During his journey, tragedy struck when his family home was destroyed by a fire caused by lightning. Despite this devastating loss, Alex and his family persevered through additional hardships, including the loss of a child and their pet, as well as a battle with COVID-19. Throughout it all, Alex remained steadfast in his commitment to be a voice for others.

As a devoted father of five, Alex deeply recognizes the value of every individual in CD32. He is committed to working for the betterment of all residents, striving to be their representative and voice in Washington D.C. Alex is dedicated to ensuring that the concerns and aspirations of every member of the community are heard and addressed.

Image by Louis Velazquez

Alex's Mission

In Collin County, Alex played a vital role in a Democratic Task Force, holding the Commissioner's Court accountable for federal funding allocated for the underserved during the COVID-19 crisis. He also supported Democratic candidates in local, state, and congressional races, volunteering and providing financial assistance.

Alex actively opposed discriminatory legislation and collaborated with community organizations to combat hunger and provide relief during the pandemic. He engaged with House Representatives in Washington, D.C., addressing the lack of supportive representation for social causes in North Texas.

With his experience and dedication, Alex Cornwallis seeks to bridge the representation gap and empower our community as the next U.S. Congressman for the DFW area.

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