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  • Strengthen Worker Protections and Raise the Minimum Wage
    In CD32, many workers struggle to make ends meet due to stagnant wages. Alex Cornwallis will fight for legislation that ensures a livable minimum wage, bridging the gap between productivity and pay. He'll also push for stronger worker protections to ensure safe, fair, and dignified work environments.
  • Combat Climate Change and Support the Green New Deal
    Climate change poses a significant threat to the environment and economy of CD32. Alex will advocate for the Green New Deal, promoting renewable energy and sustainable practices to reduce carbon emissions. He'll work to foster a green economy, creating jobs while protecting our planet.
  • Enhance Social Security and Ensure Its Longevity
    As the population ages, the sustainability of Social Security is a growing concern in CD32. Alex plans to strengthen this vital program, ensuring it remains solvent and robust for current and future retirees. He'll work to adjust funding mechanisms without compromising benefits.
  • Implement Common-Sense Gun Safety Measures
    Gun violence is a critical issue affecting communities in CD32. Alex supports common-sense gun safety laws that respect Second Amendment rights while keeping firearms out of the hands of those who pose a danger to society. He advocates for universal background checks and responsible gun ownership.
  • Boost Infrastructure and Public Transit Funding
    Aging infrastructure and inadequate public transit options are challenges in CD32. Alex aims to secure federal funding to modernize infrastructure, improve roads, bridges, and public transportation. This initiative will enhance connectivity and support economic growth.
  • Cap Prescription Drug Prices
    High prescription drug prices are a significant burden for families in CD32. Alex will push for legislation to cap these prices, making essential medications affordable. He supports negotiating drug prices under Medicare and promoting generic alternatives to reduce costs.
  • Elevate Support for Teachers and Educational Excellence
    Teachers in CD32 often face resource shortages and low pay, impacting educational quality. Alex will advocate for increased funding for schools, better pay for teachers, and resources to ensure a high-quality education. He believes investing in education is investing in our future.
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